Trends curated by the Studio LabK team featuring prints, colors and looks. A selection of inspiring mood-boards with our look at the fashion world.


The long-awaited return of music festivals took place, with inspiration from diverse cultures, such as folk, country, rock and gipsy. This theme brings life, and highlights the need for multiculturalism.

Decorative elements, ethnic, paisleys, pucci, gypsy flowers and plaid appear strongly in the theme.


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This theme is contemporary and versatile. Inspired by minimalist identity, graphic, geometric elements and outlines, it brings the timeless air that is expected.


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Brazilian tropicality. This theme is irreverent and colorful. Festivity is the key word, elements such as fruits, florals and tropics should impact with colors and lift the moods.


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Eletric Fun

The metaverse aesthetics is a huge influence here.

Psychedelic, optical prints bring a visual movement.

Strong colors, gradients and effects are featured in this theme.


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Free Spirit

Multicultural references are strong in this theme. It will be present in summer and will strengthen in the seasons to come.

Ethnic patterns, Navajo tribes and blocked prints will bring pieces full of meaning.


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Back To 90

A nostalgic mood… the highlights here are references to the 90's and 2000's.

The aesthetic of high school girls who wear miniskirts, plaid tweed pantsuits has gone viral… super girly and super cute style. Satin slip dress dresses, low waist pants, cargo pants, plaid outfit like the classic 90’s movie: Clueless.


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Inspired by vacation and summer resorts.

This theme’s prints will present variation of stripes, foliage, postcards, landscape and ocean elements.


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Influenced by the artist Victor Vasarely, this theme represents an agitated vision of movement and forms. Elements moving like a dance, playing tricks before our eyes. Optical, geometric and 70's florals make this theme a total vibe.


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This theme is inspired by craftwork techniques and different continents.

Block prints, ethnic prints, handmade brushstrokes and textures are the highlights of this theme making the garments unique.

The sense of connection between our land and our roots can be conveyed through neutral, earthy tones and points of light.


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Connection with ancestors.

In some places this theme can be called origin.

Organic and abstract geometric shapes convey personality. These elements in rounded and fluid shapes connect with the feminine and bring a feeling of comfort and closeness. To increase the handcrafted aspect of the design, we explored artistic resources such as textures and handmade baskets.

The feeling of connection with the earth and our roots can be transmitted through the combination of neutral and earthy tones – and which can be combined with other shades of our color card.

In this theme we have rupestrian florals, handcrafted prints, textures, basketwork, handmade rustic, and ethnic reinterpretations.


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Dolce Vitta

Floral prints bring cheers to the season

The flower’s scales are bigger, more impactful and exuberant and suitable for any time of the day.

In this theme, the feminine is important. Consider roses, botanical florals, lilies, orchids, and a variety of flowers 


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California Dreams

Relaxed style, vintage shore vibe.

A touch of the 70's florals, coconut trees, ombres, gradients, scarves, colorful checks.

This theme works well with both vibrant and soft/ pastel  shades


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The arid and wild landscapes of the desert serve as inspiration for the trend. Abstracts, mineral textures, watercolors are some of the unique attributes of the prints. Dusty colors remind us of the natural beauty of Atacama Desert.


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Sea and Salt

After a challenging time, everyone is looking for endless summer & limitless fun. Feeling the optimistic surf vibes transmitted through botanical elements and hand drawings, with a vintage feel like talking a walk during sunset on a beach. Natural and organic coloring processes creates a rich color palette for this trend.


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Cottagecore is a trend that values simplicity of being in the countryside. Being in touch with nature inspires prints with botanical florals, romantic and fruits. Pale and dusty colors give it a bucolic atmosphere. Light fabrics such as cotton, linen bring together the aesthetics.


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The Oasis trend was curated based off of the connection between the essence of nature and the desert. Animal prints, dry leaves, mineral stones and paisleys brings this trend together. Warm earthy tones with green accents creates a rich color palette.