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Fresh Garden

This enchanting theme evokes a feeling of lightness, nature, and vitality. Opt for a color palette inspired by nature, such as soft greens, earth tones, sky blues, and cool whites. These colors convey a feeling of freshness and calm associated with gardens. Floral and botanical prints can be an obvious but effective choice to get the atmosphere. 


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Fun and colorful, it can be an exciting proposal full of creativity. A collection inspired by playful and fun prints that refer to dreamlike elements, such as clouds, stars, birds, and combinations of textures. Use a bright, vibrant color palette to convey a fun, upbeat atmosphere. Colors such as Hot pink, turquoise blue, vibrant yellow, and lime green can be incorporated. 


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Soul is a musical genre that has its roots deeply linked to emotional expression and authenticity.
Prints inspired by different ethnic cultures worldwide, such as African tribal, indigenous motifs, or prints inspired by Asian traditions. Opt for an earthy palette with natural tones and colors that reflect the connection with nature.


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The collection is inspired by the Rio lifestyle, the tropical climate, the vibrant culture, and the unique energy associated with the city.

Floral, foliage, tropical prints, and fun patterns are incorporated to evoke the tropical weather from Rio de Janeiro. Given the generally hot temperature in Rio, the collection may include pieces with lightweight fabrics, fluid cuts, and designs that allow movement and comfort.


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Dive into our Arpoardor Collection and let yourself be involved by the magnetic energy of the sunset. Celebrate nature, dress in style, and enjoy a special connection with Arpoador.

Arpoador is a stunning scenery where the waves gently kiss the sand, and the sun says goodbye, painting the sky with a vibrant color palette. This magical moment inspires us to capture the essence of this natural spectacle and transform it into captivating prints.
The prints contrast the sunset's soft tones, the sea's vivid colors, and the rich tropical flora. Artistic, conversational, and playful prints with a mix of natural elements such as flowers, foliage, and coconut tree.


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Folk Mix

Folk Mix Collection is an enchanting journey back to the vibrant 70s, where hippie aesthetics, paisley, and folk patterns merge in an explosion of color and style.

Get ready to lose yourself in a bohemian atmosphere, where freedom and personal expression are celebrated through captivating prints. Scarves, ikats, and ornaments are the highlights of this theme, coming to life in vibrant colors like burnt orange, red, moss green and deep blue and transporting you into an era filled with authenticity and self-discovery.


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