• About Kalimo

    Is Kalimo a manufacturer or wholesaler?

    Kalimo is a family run fabric manufacturer with over 40 years of experience. We specialize in fabric knitting and digital printing. We do not offer the service of full package (clothing manufacturing).

    Where is the company located?

    The company’s headquarters along with manufacture are based in the state of São Paulo – Brazil. We also have two international offices located in Los Angeles – United States and Guimarães – Portugal.

  • Products and collections

    What kind of fabrics does Kalimo offer?

    Kalimo fabric line is very diverse, including knits like jersey, rib, french terry, ponti, and different textures. We also carry wovens like challis, chiffon, crepe, and others.

    Do you have a color card? If so, are the colors from the color card in stock?

    Yes, we periodically launch new color cards within the collections. However, we don’t necessarily have these colors in stock.

    Does Kalimo offer sustainable fabrics?

    Yes. Kalimo partnered up with different yarn suppliers to build fabrics that are made with sustainable fibers, such as: Amni Soul Eco by Rhodia, Lycra Ecomade by Lycra, Ecovero and Modal by Lenzing.

    Does Kalimo have any certifications?

    Kalimo has OekoTex Standard 100 and Dyeclean. Also, Kalimo utilize sustainable practices. The water used in the manufacturing process is treated to remove chemicals, oil, and dye before returning to the environment. Kalimo uses clean natural gas energy in the manufacturing process. Last Kalimo specializes in digital printing, an efficient process that uses no dye paste and significantly less water compared to traditional methods.

  • Printing

    Can you digitally print in polyamide?

    Yes, we specialize in digital printing. We are capable of applying prints to different fabric fiber contents and blends, including polyamide (nylon), synthetic, artificial and natural fibers.

    Can clients develop exclusive designs?

    Yes, we can develop new prints following a briefing idea. Clients can provide their own artwork or choose options offered in our extensive library of prints.

  • Sales Policies

    What is Kalimo’s MOQ?

    The MOQ varies depending on the fabric styles and finish. It typically ranges from 200 to 350 meters. For specific fabrics and colors the minimum can be as low as one roll (about 50 meters). For details consult your account executive.

    Does Kalimo carry stock?

    Yes, we have a stock service with limited options of styles subject to variation. Attached you will find the most updated options available.

    Does Kalimo carry stock in the USA?

    No, fabrics are shipped directly from our facility in Brazil. How are the prices quoted? Prices are provided with FOB quote and in meters.

    Does Kalimo provide shipment?

    Yes, the client can choose to ship with Kalimo’s FedEx account by air. In this case the shipping is built separately (CPT). The client also can provide its own carrier account or freight forwarder (FCA).

    What are the lead times?

    Fabric production: 4 to 6 weeks depending on the fabric style Color developments (lab dips): 2 weeks Air delivery: 1 to 2 weeks

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